Vroman's Art on the Stairwell

Now on display:
Infrared Photography by Craig Burrows

The unusual photographs presented here are taken in infrared (IR) light with a touch of normal light thrown in. Cameras are designed to work like human eyes, and that means that all of the light they 'see' must fall into the categories of red, green, and blue. Infrared light is invisible to our eyes and extends beyond the red stripe in every rainbow, but unlike the human eye, a digital camera's sensor is capable of 'seeing'  this invisible light. For it to be expressed in a perceivable way, it is given a visible color which is why IR photography is usually called "False-color IR." As a result, the colors in IR photography become peculiar and unique, resembling nothing that can be seen with a naked eye, or with an unmodified camera.

About the Artist

Craig Burrows is a 25 year old photographer who has lived in Southern California throughout his life. He is a primarily self-trained photographer who began in 2010 and has developed a unique eye from specific personal interests and mild colorblindness which influences the subjects and treatment of his photography. An eclectic photographer, the genre in which he comes closest to specializing is infrared photography which represents a comparatively untapped field of photography.