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Wynn Wolfe

About Wynn Wolfe:

From January 1986 through 1990, while in my late 40s, I attended Art Center at Night, part of Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. Then, for the next two years, I was accepted to participate in the Santa Monica College of Design, Art, and Architecture (SMDAA), a new experimental art school modeled after the historical Bauhaus in Germany and the Black Mountain College in North Carolina, directed by 1985 MacArthur fellow Dr. Joan Abrahamson. Classes were held in empty airplane hangars and a couple of nearby office buildings in Santa Monica. My instructors, Laddie John Dill and Peter Alexander, were among other notable Southern California artists from studios to local colleges and universities.  In toto, this experimental art school was literally staffed by a who's who in the Southern California art scene. 

My art gallery from 1991-1996 was the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Art Rental Gallery and Corporate Rental Program.  Now, after a lengthy hiatus, I have become an active Los Angeles artist once again.

From my perspective the job of an artist is to select and amplify concepts, ideas, imaginings, and things which they personally see and bring to our attention through the art-making process for all to consider in new light. Interestingly the word consider is a French word considere — con sidereal.  When translated and extended, consider means “to think with and among the stars.”  This is the impetus of my enthusiasm as a human being and artist.  (Not to belabor etymologies but enthusiasm, from en-theos, means “a griping of the god within.”)  This is the rhyme and reason I continue to visually and intellectually explore the many wondrous subjects which our world and the Cosmos offer up for the pure pleasure of learning and appreciating.

Wynn Wolfe, Artist, 2015 
To see more of Wynn's work please visit his website.